We use organisational science and AI to boost innovation, drive engagement and build truly inclusive cultures.


In a new world of work, organisational networks are your hidden superpower

Decades of research show that better connected businesses enjoy stronger performance, innovation, engagement and inclusion.



Financially outperforming businesses are this much more likely to use social network-improvement technology.

IBM: Study of 700 Global CHROs



Better connected employees produce better, more actionable business ideas and process improvements, as rated by senior leaders in the organisation.

American Journal of Sociology



Well connected employees are this much more likely to stay in the business due to improved engagement and job satisfaction.

MIT Sloan Management Review: Study of engagement and networks in over 300 firms



Strategies that improve social networks increase representation of women and ethnic minorities in leadership roles by upto this amount.

Harvard Business Review: Study of efficacy of D&I strategies in over 800 firms over 5 years


We help keep track of your network health and actively improve it over time

We are developing solutions to not just measure, but continuously improve your network health by combining organisational and behavioural science with cutting-edge AI recommendations.

In doing so we drive real change in your organisational productivity, innovation, engagement and inclusion.

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All our solutions are delivered by an experienced team that combines unique perspectives on the challenge

Orowa Sikder

(The Scientist)

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Orowa is a computational social scientist at UCL and leading expert in social networks, behavioural science, and AI. For 6 years, he ran a People Analytics consulting team that

developed organisational network analysis techniques to solve some of the most interesting talent questions for some of the world's largest organisations. He likes people and data, in that order.

Jamie Thomas (The HR Director)

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Jamie was most recently CFO and HRD at Qubit, a SaaS business he helped grow from 5 to over 300 employees and for which he helped raise over $75m. He hired Orowa as a consultant to help him better understand Qubit's people strategy through organisational network analysis, and hasn't stopped talking about it since.


Iman Stratenus
(The Culture Change Expert)

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Iman is an international expert, speaker and author in organisational transformation. He was formerly MD for TNT China and director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. In his most recent role as a transformation consultant, he worked with Orowa to use networks to develop data-driven culture change programmes across Europe.

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